The Professional Tool For Keyword Research

Key Collector is designed for collecting, analysing and organizing keywords for your websites. It can help you to get and choose the best ideas for your campaigns without making a special effort.

Collect data Dozens of sources are supported:
  • Keyword Planner Tool
  • Analytics
  • Search Suggestions
  • Related Queries
  • SEMrush...
Analyze data Advanced statistics and built-in tools and scripts:
  • Keyword Effectiveness Index
  • Deep SERP analysis
  • Stop Words Tool
  • Advanced Filter System
  • Automatic Keyword Analysers...
Organize data Make graphical and text notes for keywords, create your own data structure:
  • Keyword Groups
  • Color Markers
  • Comments, equations
  • Tree-view
  • Exporting...

Customer reviews

Check out a customer review by Leland Best demonstrating how Key Collector looks and feels.

Collecting data

Key Collector aggregates keywords from many sources:

  • Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool
  • Search Suggestions (Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube)
  • Related Search Queries (Google)
  • Google Analytics
  • (some of API methods are supported)

We are ready to get feedback and add new sources!

Analysing data

All collected or manually imported keywords can be analysed by addition criteria:

  • Google.Adwords: CPC, competition level, search volume (average volume or detailed report by months which can be presented as a chart or table data)
  • Google.Analytics: number of visits, refuse rate, target page URL
  • KEI: deep SERP analysis including getting page titles, snippets, URLs and calculating the number of main pages, and source phrase occurrences in page titles; user equations, etc.
  • Google SERP: scanning website positions with ability to look through the history (chart or table view); scanning website relevant pages

There is no need to learn how to operate with heavy spreadsheet editors. Key Collector has a powerful built-in filter system. With its help you can easily look through thousands of keywords and separate the best ones that you really need. Make just a few clicks and get the result you are hungry for.

Organizing data

The main features for keyword organizing are:

  • Custom Keyword Groups (with tree-view support)
  • Automatic Keyword Analyser Tools (for keyword grouping, finding explicit duplicates, etc.)
  • Color markers (manual mode and intelligent Magic Color Tool)
  • Advanced Filter System
  • Stop Words Tool
  • Exporting data

Tree-view support makes the analysing process especially efficient. You can split keywords into separate groups and order them in your own way: create a tree or keep a plain structure; set names and use color markers for groups; sort groups by name, color, size; copy, cut, move and order groups.

Besides Key Collector is capable to analyse and group keywords automatically. That tool supports 4 grouping modes: by single words, by whole keywords, by SERP data and combined SERP & keywords mode.

Cluster your keywords with no effort and be free of routine work.


1-year subscription costs only $29. For that price you get a license for 1 PC (you can't use it for several computers at the same time, but it's allowed to update your license for another PC up to 2 times in a month in case computer's configuration changes).

The subscription also provides an access to the ticket system, where you can ask questions, get technical support and request new features.

If you have a web resource (SEO blog, community, article, etc.) you can use for sharing a review about Key Collector, we could provide you a free licensejust send a request.

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